November 6, 2016


SLUM TALENT HUNT– Dare to dream

PEACE INDIA (NGO) is organizing SLUM TALENT HUNT on Ramp & Dance on National Level……. Right to Dream exists to discover and nurture role models.
Slum Population simply refers to people living in slum areas below the poverty line. As India is still on the path of development, there is large number of people living below the poverty line. These people usually live in slum areas connected to the city.

FIRST TIME in Indian History, National level such a huge grand “ SLUM TALENT HUNT” is going to be organized by PEACE INDIA (NGO) on Ramp & Dance on National level which Audition process around the various slum areas have started with many of the slum kids had actively participated and showed their talents in the audition. Our objective is to act as a bridge to bring out the talents among such children and get them their mentors. We have started the talent hunt show for the slum children to identify the child prodigies from the slum and by seeing their smiling face makes us proud for our initiative.
Right to Dream exist to discover and nurture role models.



PEACE INDIA-NGO running & opening PEACE INDIA EDUCATION & VOCATIONAL Training Centre in many city, Rural & Tibal backward area for poor & needy girls. Training for Tailoring, Sewing, designing, Beautician Course, Mehdi Course, Candle making, pickle making, Arta & Handicraft and many other course/Skill Training for girls. Also provide the neccesary Education & awareness to poor & needy girls.



A dream project of Asansol Municipal Corporation associated with PEACE INDIA.

PEACE INDIA (NGO)  are continuously doing many awareness program, tree plantation, Drawing Competition, Cleaning, Awareness rally, Health Awareness in various wards of Asansol Municipal corporation, many schools and villages and spreading awareness among the common people. Number of cleanliness drives regularly running by PEACE INDIA (NGO) in different area.



PEACE INDIA regularly organizing Seminar & awareness programme on Peace & Communal harmony, Peace rally, Road Rally in various Place of National wide. Appeal for peace & brotherhood in every religious National festival of every religion to aware them through media, press to celebrate their festival peacefully & happily.



PEACE INDIA regularly organising Seminar & awareness programme on Human Rights.

Our Aim to create awareness among the people about Human Rights.

Through human rights awareness, you can empower yourself and others to develop the skills and attitudes that promote equality, dignity and respect in your community, society, Nation and worldwide.



The gift of education may be the best gift you can give to Society…..
The team of PEACE INDIA are regularly doing Awareness programme on EDUCATION Nationwide.
For this purpose, PEACE INDIA (NGO) is starting Education and Vocational Training centre at various areas of every state.



PEACE INDIA regulary organising FREE Karate Training Camp for Self Defence of STUDENTS, especially girls. The students & girls are very much happy and satisfied with this FREE Karate Training Camp. After Completion, they are getting Medals & certificate.

Most common forms of attack in India are rape, kidnapping, murder and molestation. It can not only burn and disfigure the face and destroy it forever, but can be fatal in many cases. Eve teasing- a term that should be reserved just for India- is also quite common in public places. It is another word for molestation in some form. Women should be prepared for such attacks. They can learn SELF DEFENCE techniques and make themselves more prepared for any situation.



PEACE INDIA contiously help the poor & needy people who are need of legal assistance and need justice. We regularly assist and support many people who have come in Burnt Cases, Child lost, tortured women cases – in marriage or anywhere. We provide all legal assistance.



We always Open counter for water & snacks in guru parav and guru nanak jayanti in various location in India, opened a helpdesk, Medical facilities, food counter& enquiry counter for the people in every festival, cleanliness done by our team on the occasion of chat puja and all National festival, Our NGO provides helpdesk in all puja, organized a huge new year celebration for Hawkers, auto rickshaw drivers, rickshaw pullers & Beggars in Railway station, Blanket Distribution during winter, food grains was distributed in villages and in old age homes at various locations, sweets, fruits, mineral water, biscuits were distributed to the patients of various Government hospital . Our NGO also provided food, medical assistance & shelter to the rain or natural calamities affected areas.



India has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. However, various data clearly indicate the access to healthcare still remains a challenge.
The neglect in even the simplest preventive medical treatment usually leads to a more serious ailment and eventually into deaths. By keeping this points in minds our NGO have approached – first to bring quality health care services to doorsteps of the needy and second to promote healthcare awareness and contemporary health care seeking behavior among the underprivileged for that we organize on regular basis lots of  Blood Donation Camp, Entire Health Check up Camp ,Dental Checkup, eye checkup camp, admission in Hospital in case of emergency, Medicines facility & treatment expenses to the poor patients.

PEACE INDIA regularly provide all medical assistance to poor & needy people.



Sustaining livelihood ,empowerment of women is one of the challenging as well as need of the ever changing world today. Every woman has a very important and identified role and contribution in different field still they are being neglected and underestimated in man dominating society.


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