December 1, 2015

Join Women wing

Join Peace India Women's Wing
Women Wing of Peace India NGO – Peace, Safety, Security, development & Protection of Women.
The Ladies’ Wing of Peace India NGO is a premier business and professional women’s organization with over 2200 members, consisting of entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and women from leading business houses. What began in 2005 as a forum for creating socio-economic awareness and encouraging the spirit of enterprise is today, a dynamic organization for the empowerment of women.

The activities of the Wing inspire, motivate and encourage women to participate in entrepreneurial activities.

The Wing invites speakers and arranges panel discussions and workshops. Educational and industrial visits are organised by the Wing to give exposure to aspiring entrepreneurs. Business delegations are taken abroad and the Wing also hosts delegations from different countries.

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If any Women facing any kind of Problems like torture, dowry , education, Discrimination, Humilation, exploitation , Oppression & Violence in work place, Home or anywhere then Kindly contact to WOMEN WING of Peace India NGO… Mrs. Rubina Jawed – Advocate- Supreme Court of India and Mrs.Ratna Dey – Email Id:

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