November 21, 2015




Its matter of proud & pleasure that today PEACE INDIA (NGO) Founder & Chairman Mr.Firoz Khan got Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar NOBEL AWARDS (BANA 2016) by INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL, Mumbai for his social activities on grassroots level for the society and Nation. Today he got this Award in Mumbai in its largest auditorium YashwantRao Centre, Mantralaye, Nariman Point, Mumbai in grand Award program.


  1. Daughter of Firoz Khan FK given speech on women empowerment & Role of women in Society



Today Faria Khan FK, daughter of Firoz Khan FK given speech on women empowerment & Role of women in Society in Bengal Excellence Award programme with Team of Peace India NGO. Speacial thanks to Ratna Dey, Puja Dey, Naaz Parween, Mrs.Soumya, Mrs. Bobby Singh and all other active members.






  1. women wing of PEACE INDIA(NGO) got Bengal Excellence Award by PRESS CLUB of Asansol Megacity

Our National Women wing of PEACE INDIA NGO got Bengal Excellence Award by PRESS CLUB of Asansol Megacity for excellent work on women empowerment & lots of social activities for the walfare of women in all over India. Mrs.Ratna Dey, Secretary of Women wing of PEACE INDIA (NGO) recieved the award with the Team.


  1. PEACE INDIA NGO- organised Sewa Camp in SHYAM MAHOTSAV in Punjabi More, Raniganj

RANIGANJ Branch of PEACE INDIA NGO- organised Sewa Camp in SHYAM MAHOTSAV in Punjabi More, Raniganj. The active Members of Peace India NGO, Raniganj branch arranged Mineral Waters, tea and First Aid arrangement for the people present in SHYAM MAHOTSAV who were going from Raniganj. Nothing is bigger than Humanity.





  1. Peace India in search of lost Child

We team of PEACE INDIA NGO meet with Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) – CENTRAL, Mr.Jyotirmoy Roy along with missing child father to seek help to find out his beloved young kid. Mr ACP assured the Team of PEACE INDIA NGO and father of missing child that he would personally contact to Police-In-charge and investigate.


  1. TEAM of PEACE INDIA (NGO) visited the flood affected areas of Asansol:



Team of PEACE INDIA (NGO) visited the flood affected areas of asansol. Heavy rainfall on August 9th and 10th caused severe flooding in several areas of Railpar, Ramkishan dangal of Asansol, West Bengal. Many house &families effected due to continued heavy rain. More than 100 families of Ramkishan dangal of Asansol left their homes and took shelter in ROOPKATHA HALL. The team of PEACE INDIA provided all kinds of Medicine, meals and other material to them.PEACE INDIA (NGO) offered & assured them all kinds of medical and all kind of help in this worse situation.








  1. AWARENESS PROGRAMME with CHILDREN at early age in rural area of Asansol by PEACE INDIA (NGO)


Cleanliness is very important in our life from all the aspects. We should take care of it all through the life. Practice of cleanliness starts from the home and school from the very little age. It affects us very badly when we do not maintain cleanliness. Cleanliness is very important for keeping most of the diseases at bay. Therefore, it is essential to inculcate hygienic habits in children right from early childhood. Anything you want to teach your child, teach him at an early age. This will go a long way, probably throughout his life. The habit of cleanliness should be definitely taught at an early age because it has direct connection to the child’s own health and hygiene.


  1. Organized Seminar for Human rights Awareness & RTI



PEACE INDIA (NGO) organised Seminar for Human rights Awareness & RTI through PROJECTOR & VIDEO Visual in Raniganj, West Bengal. Mean while in the program Study materials, Books and copies were distributed among 100 of the poor children because to have or to give the knowledge of Human rights & RTI, its must that everyone is to be educated. On the other hand a Boy named SADDAM KHAN who was a topper was not able to continue his studies as the books were very much expensive for him so PEACE INDIA have given him all the required Books according to his list, so that he can continue his studies.

  1. PEACE INDIA(NGO) Organized program on International Literacy Day::


PEACE INDIA-NGO Celebrated INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY (8th, September) with needy people.

PEACE INDIA-NGO organized DRAWING Competition, QUIZ Competition & distributed Book, copy, pen, pencil, & chocolate.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

  1. PEACE INDIA (NGO) women wing cooked food and distributed among the Blind Girls & Boys:

The team of PEACE INDIA (NGO) visited the Braille Academy, SCHOOL OF BLIND. The team of Women Wing cooked the COMPLETE LUNCH and serve to all BLIND BOYS & GIRLS Students.
After Lunch, the team of PEACE INDIA (NGO) distributed the Gulab Jamun, Biscuit, Chocolate, Cake and other things to all blind students.
Also we all enjoyed the Musical program performed by Blind Students. We had also given prize to them.



  1. PEACE INDIA (NGO) conducted WOMEN RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS & EDUCATION AWARENESS Program for Girls at Sitarampur, West Bengal.



PEACE INDIA (NGO) have conducted a education & awareness program at Sitarampur in which lots of girls and women have attended it actively.
In the program we awared the women and girls about the importance of education in today’s life and specially the importance of giving education to girls child. PEACE INDIA met with each and every girl and women personally in the program to know the problem what they are facing regarding education, and promised them to solve it.


  1. PEACE INDIA (NGO) Celebrated Independence Day in Tribal Backward Village:



PEACE INDIA (NGO) celebrated Independence Day on On 15th August, 2016 and did Flag hoisting at GUT GUTPARA with the Poor & needy People in tribal backward Village Area of Gutgutpara, Burnpur .Sweets, chocolates, Ladoos & other Educational material were distributed among the villagers & Children. Adivasi / Tribal Cultural program were conducted, along with patriotism DRAMA, patriotism Singing and many other program, We also awared the local people  and gave them the knowledge about how we got the freedom and about our great freedom fighters.

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